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AIMODS and the Performance Textiles Association are the leading bodies behind the acclaimed Inspection scheme that was launched in 2004.

By working with the HSE and the whole industry we have managed to achieve what, back in 2003, looked like the impossible.

This scheme is internet based and has its own dedicated web site at (Opens in new window)

In Partnership with the HSE

“The HSE welcomes and supports the manner in which the Inflatables Industry has worked in partnership with the RPII to set up a Registration Scheme for persons who wish to be considered competent to examine inflatable amusement devices. The scheme will ensure that those on the register have not only demonstrated their individual competence, but have satisfied RPII of their competence through independent examination . The HSE commends the scheme and hopes that it will assist the Industry to maintain and improve standards of safety through assessment of the safety of the design and manufacture of inflatables in use. This is an important step for the industry in ensuring the safety standards they set are maintained and improved.”

Gerry Muir - Health & Safety Executive

We thank the following organisations for their time, hard work and support in setting up the PIPA scheme:


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