Textiles in Construction

Technical textiles are those that are used for pure functionality as opposed to beauty preferences. When it comes to the construction of buildings in the UK, these textiles are essential for a variety of reasons. For one, all buildings must meet certain standards and building codes. The news has been full of architectural tragedies in recent years. For example, in many parts of India, there are no building codes and regulations. The textiles that are used in that country are often crude natural resources. Over time they begin to biodegrade, thus jeopardising the integrity of the building. This becomes a larger issue when the building reaches its capacity.

The technical textiles associated with buildings includes scaffolding netting and roofing. Roofing materials are made from both synthetic and natural textiles. Some people who build their own homes enjoy using canvas roofs. Initially, this might not seem like the best idea, but consider the ways in which tents effectively keep water and sunlight away from campers. This type of textile is cheaper to use as a building material as well. Scaffolding, especially the netting below it, is constructed of textiles such as hemp. This is important because a catch net must be able to support a person’s body weight if they fall. Hemp is one of the strongest natural textiles in the world.

More modern homes use synthetic textiles or canvas to construct awnings over porches, or even the siding on a house. Traditional wood siding was used for a long time, but environmental factors caused the wood to rot. Termites afflict wood as well, thus weakening the structure of a home. Synthetic textiles are a great choice for homes because they tend to last longer, and they are cheaper to acquire. Some home and building owners like the, because they resist rust, mould, and mildew. Once it is time to clean them there are few issues. Textiles are being used in new ways throughout the UK construction industry, and builders are becoming more innovative in the process. More people are finding ways to utilise the best natural materials that the earth has to offer.